Developer Events

Ably is a developer-focused platform that provides APIs and management tools for adding realtime features to applications and APIs

Developers are at the heart of Ably and the next-gen applications and APIs being built on our platform. Ably was founded by a group of developers, so we immensely care about developer communities and experience. We try to be present at as many events as we can, speaking, demo-ing and generally engaging with developers.

Over the years we’ve noticed that many events serve unhealthy food - mainly pizzas. Have you ever wanted to have healthy options and not feel guilty about opting an unhealthy meal simply due to a lack of options? We’ve been there too. As a developer-first company, we care about developers - in all respects. So we’re launching this new developer event sponsorship program to help encourage healthier food options for your event attendees.

Ably's sponsorship guidelines